This is the most important international event dedicated to food and gastronomy. An enormous event composed of diverse factors: the Market, with exhibitors from five continents and the Slow Food Presidia, numerous events dedicated to the wealth and diversity of global cuisine, food trucks and street food, cinema screenings, the prestigious Enoteca, conferences examining issues around food production, the Forums of Terra Madre’s food communities and more. Together, we’re learning more about how our food is made, preserving biodiversity and securing a better food future for everyone. 

Take a walk along the Via del Gelato, visit the stand of the University of Gastronomic Sciences, and eat an unparalleled selection of global gastronomy at the Terra Madre Kitchens!

IMPORTANT! The last day of online ticket sales is September 18th. After that, you’ll be able to buy tickets in Turin at the Event Reception in Piazza Castello or at Eataly (for all events) and at the Carignano Theater (for Conferences only).