Ten countries – Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Hungary, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Slovakia, Turkey and Uzbekistan – attended the Expert Consultation between 22 and 24 June 2016 in Visegrad, Hungary. Participants reflected and clarified the concepts of e-Agriculture and the need for national strategy.

The country presentations showed a dynamic increase from last year, incorporating experiences from the regional workshop, regarding the interest and efforts in conducting e-Agriculture activities in a more systematic and coordinated way at the national level. For example Hungary introduced a new Digital Agriculture Strategy, Albania started developing an integrated service called Farmer Single Window, Azerbaijan launched a broad e-Agriculture project with EU support, FYR Macedonia opened a series of annual conferences on ICTs in agriculture, Moldova continued to strengthen the operation of its Agriculture Information Centre according to enforced national law, while in Uzbekistan they started the translation of the e-Agriculture strategy guide to Russian language. Participants still identified numerous problems and challenges which should be tackled by a series of follow-up actions, as summarised in the recommendations part of the report, to be published soon on the website of the event.