Join the SavingFood revolution with a Disco Soup party in London – The event will be organised by SavingFood’s partner Feedback in London on 29 April 2017 to celebrate the World Disco Soup Day 2017 and present the EU wide food waste (CAPS) platform SavingFood to give updates on the progress of this technological solution to food waste. Visit the Saving Food website and learn more about the platform by watching the educational videos.

Let’s chop, peel and bop to the beat! A full day of fresh food, live music, fun activities and workshops! This will be also in solidarity with the People’s #climatewatch in Washington DC, under the SavingFood project! Come to celebrate with us in London at the The Castle Climbing Centre and join the SavingFood revolution! This is your chance to help us fight food waste! Further information at

  • Where? The Castle Climbing Centre is the place to be! Find it on the map.
  • More info? See you all there! Don’t forget to follow the event news on Facebook