CAPSELLA, thanks to the active participation of its Dutch partner ZLTO helped by Scuola Sant’Anna, Pisa, was introduced with a paper and a presentation at the ISEE 2017 Conference “Transformative learning: new directions in agricultural extension and education that took place in Chania, Crete on July the 4th– 7th 2017.

ZLTO presentation’s revolved around the  theme of how the gap between communities was bridged by focusing  on the farmers needs. Capsella involves communities by developing easy to use ICT tools, incorporated in a solid database structure, with the focus that the tools can improve farmers’ decisions. The presentation was also an answer on questions in general introductions that showed the need to understand and apply the advantages of big data in agriculture.

CAPSELLA was also present through a poster that fitted well in the central conference theme of transformative learning, as it presented the story telling pilot that will be running in the Netherlands.