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cartolinamfwe2vcsitoThis workshop is your unique chance to see how future agriculture and food systems can be made sustainable thanks to ICT and Open Data innovations. You will hear from Europe’s most creative scientists in open data and agriculture. Food professionals, farmers, researchers, ICT and open data experts will exchange experiences and case studies. Participants will  be able to test and see the latest apps and prototypes created by open innovation and co-design such as the new SOILapp and the Storytelling app.

Organised in Milan on May the 8th 2018, during the  Milano Food Week, with the leadership of Municipality of Milan, OPERA Italian Observatory for Agrobiodiversity, and leading minds from the EU ‘CAPSELLA’ project, Harvesting Innovation is for forward thinking innovators who care about the planet, health and food security.

Propose ideas, test the latest innovations, and hear from policy leaders at harvesting innovation.  We look forward to welcoming you at Milano, Acquario Civico, Parco Sempione on May 8.

*The event is part of the continuous professional development programme for agronomy and forestry graduates and specialists: 0,781 training credits.

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The event is free of charge. Translation between Italian and English is available. Please register HERE

The Programme (download here)


Pre-workshop event


Monday, 7th May
15:00-19:00 Visit to Cascina Forestina (Cisliano) and demonstration of the SOILapp (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=eu.capsella.soilhealth.spade_test)
20:00 Social dinner (place to be communicated)


Tuesday, 8th May
8:45-9:00 Registration
(Translation between Italian and English is available during the morning debates)
  A new paradigm for truly sustainable agriculture and quality food systems – Chair: Stephen Benians
9:15-9:25 Welcome address – Dr. Andrea Magarini Milan Food Policy coordinator, Mayor’s Office Comune di Milano
Investments, achievements and future plans towards quality food systems
(Keynote speech)
Joint Research Center of  European Commission – Dott.ssa Maria Luisa Paracchini
Fostering agroecology and agrobiodiversity: the engagement of the European Commission
9:40-10:00 (Keynote speech) Italian Agroecology ObservatoryOPERA, Prof. Stefano Bocchi & Fondazione Cariplo, Sonia Cantoni, consiglio amministrazione-Delega: Ambiente
A new paradigm for sustainable farming: the role of agro-biodiversity management
(Keynote speech)
Agriculture digitization:  Open data supporting Agriculture, Dr. Christopher Brewster (TNO, The Netherlands)
Developing ICT tools for sustainable farming and food systems through social digital innovation
10:30-11:00 Innovation experiences- Insight in the CAPSELLA initiative & its main outcomes and results
Prof. Yannis Ioannidis (Athena Research Centre, Greece) & Prof. Paolo Bàrberi (Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, Pisa, Italy)
Major outcomes of the CAPSELLA project
 11:00- 11:20 Coffee Break
  Fostering links between actors in agro-biodiversity and the digital world
 11:30-13:00 Fishbowl’ debate: brief Expert insights followed by input from participants
Moderator: Dr. Vasileios Gkisakis (Agroecologiki, Greece)

Panel 1: 
Kick off Question: How can the digital revolution enable innovation in Agroecology?

Researchers in agroecology
    – Dr. Ambrogio Costanzo (Organic Research Center United Kingdom)

Farmers representatives
    – Peter Paree (ZLTO, The Netherlands)
    – Stefano Soldati (Scuola di Pratiche Sostenibili)

Innovation experts
    – Panagiota Megagianni (CORALLIA, Greece)
    – Eleni Kavallieratou Agrologies team (CAPSELLA Innovation Contest Winner)
    – Cristina Martellosio (WEMAKE, Italy)

Policy & Decision makers
    – Dr. Andrea Magarini Milan Food Policy coordinator, Mayor’s Office Comune di Milano
    – Fondazione Cariplo, Italy -Sonia Cantoni, consiglio amministrazione-Delega: Ambiente
    – Rossana Torri, Comune di Milano

Panel 2: Kick off Question: What policies are needed for data to drive innovation in sustainable agriculture and food systems?

Researchers in agroecology
    – Andrea Beste (Institute for Soil Conservation and Sustainable Agriculture, Germany)

    – Christine Watson (SRUC U.K)

Farmers representatives
    – Riccardo Bocci (DIVERSIFOOD project, EU)
    – Luca Conte (Esapoda, Italy)

ICT specialists
    – Christopher Brewster (TNO, The Netherlands)

    – Diego Guidotti (AEDIT s.r.l., Italy)
Policy & Decision makers
    – Legambiente Lombardia #CambiamoAgricoltura – Damiano Di Simine
    – Arc2020 – Helene Schulze
    – Filippo Dadone – Programmazione Territoriale e Urbanistica – Regione Lombardia

 13:00-14:00 Network Lunch (Demo of CAPSELLA open data tools available)
  What type of ICT solutions to support agro-biodiversity use and management? Discussion on requirements and needs


World Café –  all participants devise solutions to the big questions.

Parallel round tables  –  How to improve data management for different users with ICT tools?
    (1) Farmers/advisors (agronomic practices, soil health management, varietal choice etc.) [RSR, SSSA, ZLTO, Agroknow]
    (2) Citizens (linkages to the supply chain, transparency, quality, consumers satisfaction) [WE DELIVER TASTE, Agroknow]

 16:30-17:00 Local Ice cream & coffee
Synthesis of panel round table discussions & Conclusions
Chair Dr. Tommaso Gaifami (OPERA and Agroecology Europe)