CAPSELLA is offering a technical prototyping platform and “meeting” environment for innovation and invention that allows for access to big data, cloud computing, open data, open software, pilots, use cases, demonstrators and data challenges,  facilitating the co-creation of new business ideas and opportunities in agriculture and related sustainability threats.
Do you have exceptional technical talent, a strong scientific or business background and the obsession to build your own start-up?
Do you want to make this world a better place offering new solutions to agriculture related challenges and sustainability threads?
Then, stay tuned for the CAPSELLA Hackathons and the CAPSELLA Talent and Innovative ideas Contest.
Stage 1: CAPSELLA Hackathons
Build your own apps and add-ons for the CAPSELLA Platform!
Stage 2: CAPSELLA Talent and Innovative Ideas Contest
Professional excellence and dedication to build a start-up are a prerequisite for this stage.
Stage 3: Winners of Stage 2 proceed to the CAPSELLA final Hackathon.
Only the best of the best make it through this stage! The winners qualify for our training Bootcamp.
Stage 4: Business Plan Competition
A contest for all training Bootcamp participants! The best team wins our big incubation prize!


CAPSELLA comes with a three month period of unconditional free training designed to support the winners of the final hackathon to turn their initial concept into a start-up. Three types of training will be provided:
a) training on how to use the CAPSELLA platform,
b) thematic training on agriculture and related sustainability threats.
c) training on how to foster entrepreneurship with the following themes: Project management, Managing intellectual property, Corporate communication and public relations, Strategic marketing, Sales techniques, Financial Management, Negotiation tactics, Human resources management, Investment management, Going international, Business Plan development, Elevator pitch.


The final winner will secure cash and a full-fledged 3-months incubation and housing with further business training, industry mentoring, accounting, HR, marketing & branding, IPR services, and fundraising aid.