Open Science Fair 2017 is having its first opening international conference in Athens, Greece, 6-8 September 2017.

Within this interesting conference, CAPSELLA will organise together with the eRosa project  a workshop entitled “The roadmap to better food: Using ICT and open data to overcome barriers in the agriculture value chain”, which is dedicated to infrastructures for open science in the agri-food domain. The agri-food sector is an interesting terrain for combining open data and open science approaches with societal sustainability challenges. The integration of open research and experimental data with farmers’ local knowledge, and their exploitation by data infrastructures can advance related research in terms of tools, content, practices and proofs of concept. It can thereby increase creativity and innovation and trigger the setting up of new business in the agri-food area. It ultimately, shows how open science, when inspired by societal needs, delivers back to the society sustainable solutions.

Join us for the #OSFair17 CAPSELLA/eRosa workshop to discuss about the importance of open data for agricultural and agri-food communities and science!