Data Management for EU Seeds Networks


The outcome of this pilot aims at developing an ICT tool, that could be used by any network in its own country for keeping track and monitoring the movement of seed among members and for gathering and analysing the on-farm experimental data, they are collecting, thanks to participatory research projects.

The proposed ICT tool will support the organisation of national databases of varieties, users, farmers and farms where they are grown and multiplied, will manage data coming from decentralised on-farm experimental fields if and when established by networks, will link externally available data such as weather or soil data for each experimental location, gathered on the CAPSELLA platform, with the variety data and finally include a connection to a statistical analysis platform (maybe based on the R language) for data elaboration and delivery in graphical form, which could then be used for dissemination, training or awareness purposes. The aforementioned application is destined to be used mainly by seed network members, farmers (and their associations), breeders, researchers and technicians.