ARC2020 April Newsletter

Hello Readers, Well, the Arc2020 Team has  been very busy bees here at ARC2020. Oliver Moore, Communication Director of Arc2020, represented it at the EESC NAT committee meeting on the European Citizen’s Initiative to ban glyphosate. Full account at... read more

Forum Synergies’ European Rural Sustainability Gathering

This year Forum Synergies’ European Rural Sustainability Gathering will take place in Karditsa (region of Thessaly, Greece), from 17-21 May 2017. The three-day gathering will be an opportunity to meet people with a spirit of cooperation and action for sustainable... read more


In the past decades, it has become clear that rich biodiversity ensures undeniable benefits for the maintenance of our ecosystem, including protection of water resources, healthier soil conditions, nutrient storage and contribution to climate stability. In other... read more

n8AgriFood2017 Event in Durham, U.K.

Exploring the future of our food and delivering a food system paradigm shift has never been of greater importance. The 20th Century approach has been to focus on low cost, safe, convenient foods, driven by consumer preferences. Now, with growing pressures from climate... read more

Digital Social Innovation Manifesto

The aim of the DSI Manifesto consultation is to obtain views and contributions from a broad constituency on the main priorities that should be captured. Your contributions will help to the updated version of the DSI Manifesto that will be presented and further... read more

6th FOODSEG Symposium

The main aim of the Symposium is to offer a platform for personal meetings and discussions on future cooperations and common projects along the whole feed and food chain in order to secure food safety and quality for the consumers. Within the last five symposia in... read more

Join the Agroecology and Soil Health discussion!

This upcoming discussion is to follow-up with our previous discussion on “Sustainable Farming through Agroecology”. We encourage individual farmers, farmer’s organizations, extension services, NGOs, researchers and every individual interested in agroecology to... read more

Exceptional training week on Agroecology in Belgium

A training week on Agroecology in Belgium from Monday 8 to Friday 12 May 2017. Exceptional contribution of Miguel Altieri and Clara Nichols. I will also be involved in the training. The training will be provided in English. It will start from the basics of agroecology... read more