A one stop shop dashboard for small producers to inform their planning and marketing strategy. This prototype has been developed with the lead user Stevia Hellas cooperative in Greece.


Access the prototype application here:

The problem

There are more than 250.000 micro and small food production companies only in Europe and they are employing 3.2 million people. These companies are struggling to address food production problems and increase their efficiency. At the root of this is the need to better understand consumer needs and desires, which market segments to target, as well as the latest cultivation techniques that can improve the yield. All this while having limited time and workforces.

The challenge

We asked “How might we small cooperatives have one easy access channel to inform marketing strategy, find out consumer needs and their opinions on products AND be updated on the latest cultivation techniques?

Their solution
  • working closely with farmers and cooperatives such as the Capsella partners developed an easy to use one-stop-shop dashboard to inform their business. It sources data from open datasets from social media and repositories with publications (e.g. FAO AGRIS). It allows collection, processing and presentation of information from
  • (a) social media about users’ opinions and competitors’ messaging. It also sources updates from publications about latest cultivation techniques that can improve the yield. All in one place!

The Stevia Hellas Cooperative is the main lead user developing this product. A vertical food production unit like the Stevia Hellas Cooperative faces on a daily basis numerous challenges, namely:

  • Which is the opinion for its product and other related products that the target customer segments have?
  • To which customer segments should be the focus of the marketing campaign?
  • How the competitive products are marketed and which are their strategy?
  • How it can be informed for the latest cultivation techniques that can improve the yield?

These challenges could be addressed by delivering available information in social and agri-food specialized sources through friendly and easy to use applications.

The beta version of the pilot application has already been developed and it is currently being used and tested by the managers, the agronomists and the farmers of the Stevia Hellas Cooperative.

The Stevia pilot application is available here.

Download here the food product data analytics pilot postcard.