chartThe pilot is an initial small-scale implementation that is used to prove the viability of the project idea. This could involve either the exploration of a novel new approach or the application of a standard approach recommended by outside parties.

In CAPSELLA, in order to create the various pilots a methodology has been followed. The very first step was the identification of the communities (cartography of communities) which proceeded with the tools used by partners to interact with communities. These tools were, among others, questionnaires, interviews meetings (either face – to face or online) and, thus far, two workshops delivered respectively in Volterra (Tuscany) and Greece.

Through these tools, partners monitored the requirements of the communities and proposed pilots which will be useful for the specific needs of each community that belong to either the seed, field and food scenario. Specifically seven  pilot applications have been proposed and are going to be developed and evaluated.

The controlled pilot trials will take place at partners’ sites where selected groups of stakeholders will be invited to test and evaluate CAPSELLA demonstrators and provide their feedback. This task will be organised and run with selected users that belong to the different communities that are being considered. The group of users (between 10 and 20) will give feedback on how they can overcome their information related challenges by using the CAPSELLA demonstrators.

Finally, the demonstrators will be presented and validated in several events in which stakeholders and end users participate. This procedure helps the audience of interest to acquire a full knowledge of them.

– Soil Health Pilot
– Storytelling on (Food) Production
– Compost in Precision Agriculture
– Personalised Public Food Service
– Personalized Food Systems: The “Meal Prediction Tool”
– Data Management for EU Seeds Networks
– Food Product Data Analytics