quarto1On 8 October 2017, Aegilops-Network for Biodiversity and Ecology in Greece farmers’ association ( in collaboration with the Union of Organic Farmers of Northern Greece hosted the fourth CAPSELLA workshop. Around 40 participants (farmers, consultants, researchers) took part to the workshop.

quarto2The workshop took place at the Farm of Ecological Agriculture, a biodynamic farm part of the Aegilops network in Thermi, Thessaloniki.

The workshop was divided in a seminar and a field part. The seminar included presentations followed by open discussion sessions about key aspects of soil fertility management. The topics discussed are: soil biodiversity, soil analysis and chemical fertility management, functional biodiversity, and use of reduced tillage.quarto3

On farm, in groups, the participants had the occasion to do a spade test and register the information using CAPSELLA application. Participants were involved in evaluating the application in a dedicated discussion session and by filling in a satisfaction questionnaire.




Introduction to the spade test and its application (Teresa Lazzaro, Diego Guidotti, Scuola Sant Anna)

Introduction to soil fertility and its components (Vakali Christina, Aegilops – Network for Biodiversity and Ecology in Agriculture)

Soil analysis and electronic instructions of fertilization for farmers (Dr. Papadopoulos Frantzis, ELGO –DIMITRA / Edaphology Institute of Thessaloniki)

Soil Biodiversity and its components (Dr. Katsalirou Irini, Soil Scientist, Technological Educational Institute of Ionian Islands)

Soil cultivation – reduced tillage practices (Dr. Gerakis Argyrios, Organic farming consultant)

Functional Biodiversity and how it can be a tool for the organic farmer (Dr. Teresa Lazzaro, Scuola Sant Anna, University of Pisa, Ιταλία)