img_8595The CAPSELLA Consortium and OPERA Italian Observatory for Agroecology would like to thank very much the over 90 participants who actively joined the conference, held on May the 8th in Milano at the Acquario Civico.

The meeting was an opportunity to network with and exchange ideas with agrobiodiversity,  agroecology and food experts from research and academia, from NGO representatives, policy makers and citizens.

img_8600It was a chance to better understand how future agriculture and food systems can be made sustainable thanks to ICT and Open Data innovations. Europe’s most creative scientists in open data and agriculture, food professionals, farmers, researchers, ICT and open data experts exchanged experiences and case studies and involved all participants in an open “conversation”. Participants were also given the possibility to test and see the latest apps and prototypes created by open innovation and co-design such as the new SOILapp and the Storytelling app.

img_8649Harvesting Innovation was meant for forward thinking innovators who care about the planet, health and food security and hopefully we managed to achieve what was the event mission.

Please keep on following the CAPSELLA leading minds who will propose ideas, share with communities latest innovations, and continue the innovation path




Milan Food Policy – Dr. Andrea Magarini (Milan Food Policy coordinator, Mayor’s Office Comune di Milano ) 

Agrobiodiversity and agroecology: state of the art and opportunities in EU policy – Dott.ssa Maria Luisa Paracchini (Joint Research Center of European Commission)

A new paradigm for sustainable farming: the role of agro-biodiversity management – Prof. Stefano Bocchi (Italian Agroecology Observatory – OPERA)

Fondazione Cariplo for Food and AgricultureSonia Cantoni (Consiglio amministrazione con delega all’ambiente)

Co-creating innovation: the CAPSELLA approachProf. Paolo Bàrberi (Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna)

Major outcomes of the CAPSELLA projectProf. Yannis Ioannidis (Athena Research Centre, Grecia) 

Fishbowl debate – Vasileios Gkisakis (Agroecologiki)

World Cafè questions – Tommaso Gaifami (OPERA)

Round table (1), Intro – Mariateresa Lazzaro (Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna)

Round table (1), Soil HealthDiego Guidotti (Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna)

Round table (1), Data Management for EU Seeds Networks – Livia Ortolani (Rete Semi Rurali)

Round table (1), Compost in Precision Agriculture and link with Soil Health – Peter Paree (ZLTO)