The CAPSELLA cloud platform will be the main project end product and will include a rich set of components and a number of added-value functions offered “as a Service” with the intention of gathering and hosting data from the targeted communities. An infrastructure will be offered for building innovative ICT applications, thus enabling and encouraging the development of smart applications either from the project partners in the frame of the pilots or from external communities and industry related to biodiversity in agri-food systems.
It will be developed in the context of WP5 and exploited in various ways. As a system for handling data, metadata and analysing them, it can be exploited by other projects, acting as the base layer of their infrastructures and supporting data/metadata handling.

The architecture of the platform offers the ability to exploit its subsystems individually, allowing other projects and/or applications to use the ones that cover their needs.

In addition all open data that will be hosted in CAPSELLA’s platform can be used for research purposes and for enhancing other infrastructures with agriculture data. This will be achieved by accessing them using the platform’s interoperable services or its own API (Application Programming Interface).

CAPSELLA is planning to exploit its results also in collaboration with AGINFRA, a hub for collecting and sharing information related to agriculture & food security.