Personalised Public Food Service


Open data-driven services will be developed in some EU cities  in order to enhance transparency and inform decision making in food supply chain management, public procurement and consumption of meals served at public schools. Based on given food recipes, the application will acquire data by users and will exploit nutritional, health, environmental and other data available in open databases. Aggregated data will form an interface informing parents about the nutritional value and environmental footprint of the meals their children consume at school. It will enhance interaction between public procurement officers, canteen managers and parents, in order to reduce the risk and cost of non-communicable diseases, such as obesity and allergies.

The development of the pilot is based on participatory research in collaboration with local stakeholders in those EU cities involved in order to increase understanding on community needs/requirements and explore the types of data already exist and can be openly shared. The main users of this pilot are procurement officers, canteen managers and parents.