Personalized Food Systems: The “Meal Prediction Tool” 


A data-driven solution for the HoReCa sector, aiming to increase transparency and efficiency, through better informed decision making by chefs, restaurant managers and food companies. The service combines three levels of data from open databases, social media (sentiment analysis) and historical data acquired by each restaurant.

Sentiment analysis on certain food ingredients, recipes and menus are combined with open data on consumption patterns. These include purchasing behaviour, demand trends, food habits and location-aware preferences, tailor made to the conditions of a given restaurant.

This aggregated data is used to better inform the sourcing of food ingredients and the overall development of menus, based on accurate forecasts of consumer demands. This, in turn, generates benefits such as:

  • improved nutritional composition of the menus
  • reduced food waste and food miles
  • reduced purchase costs
  • increased labour efficiency