dsc_2770-copiaOn 26-27 June 2017, ESAPODA farmers’ association ( hosted the third CAPSELLA workshop. More than 50 participants (farmers, consultants, citizens active in food production sustainability) took part to the workshop. CAPSELLA team from Scuola Sant’Anna presented our project, its connection with open data initiatives and the co-innovation methodology used for the production of ICT tools for organic agriculture. Luca Conte (organic farming consultant, member of ESAPODA) presented soil health topic and the self-assessment monitoring by spade test.

dsc_2926The workshop was enriched by four presentations followed by open discussion sessions about key aspects of soil fertility management. The four topics discussed are: biological fertility, functional biodiversity in cover crops, humic substances in the soil and biostimulators development and use. Two on field activities added the sharing of practical experiences during the workshop. Andrea Giubilato (organic farmer, member of ESAPODA) presented the experience of his farm with soil fertility management and Paola Zamarchi (Arpa Veneto, pedologist) showed a real soil profile, explaining its origin and the distribution of the different horizons.

dsc_2876-copiaOn farm, in groups, the participants had the occasion to do a spade test and register the information using CAPSELLA application. Participants were involved in evaluating the application in a dedicated discussion session and by filling in a satisfaction questionnaire.

This workshop was a great occasion for sharing practical knowledge about soil fertility management and for getting end users opinion about the first version of CAPSELLA spade test application.

From this feedback, CAPSELLA team will work for improving the application following end users suggestions.



spacerCome usare la diversità funzionale delle colture di copertura in agricoltura biologica
Stefano Carlesi (Scuola Sant’Anna, post-doc in Agronomy and Field Crops)



luca-conteProva della vanga 1
Prova della vanga 2
Prova della vanga 3
Luca Conte (ESAPODA, organic farming consultant)


andrea_ertaniGenesi delle sostanze umiche e loro interazione con l’ambiente. I segnali sostanze umiche-pianta.
Andrea Ertani (University of Padova, post-doc in Soil Science)



silvia_fusaroUn suolo vivo è un suolo fertile! Cosa ci dicono gli invertebrati edafici?
Silvia Fusaro (NaturaSì, PhD in agroecology)



serenella_nardiGenesi delle sostanze umiche e loro interazione con l’ambiente. I segnali sostanze umiche-pianta.
Serenella Nardi (University of Padova, prof. in Soil Science)




andrea-giubilatoAndrea Giubilato (ESAPODA, organic farmer)



spacerPaola Zamarchi (Arpa Veneto, pedologist)