• ASSET – Instant Gratification for Collective Awareness and Sustainable Consumerism
    The ASSET project boosts collective consumerism by empowering the articulation of the individual. It emphasizes the power of collective purchase decisions, which originate by independent literate choices of the individual.
  • CAPTOR – Collective Awareness Platform for Tropospheric Ozone Pollution
    CAPTOR’s purpose is to demonstrate the power of Collective Awareness Platforms to foster bottom-up collaboration of local communities, citizens, NGOs, and scientists to raise awareness and find solutions to the air pollution problem.
  • Catalyst: A project on collective applied intelligence and analytics for social innovation
  • ChainReact – Encouraging transparent, reactive and responsible corporate networks
    ChainReact is an effort to make supplier networks transparent, understandable, and responsive, so that companies and their stakeholders can see, react to, and ultimately transform corporate network impacts.
  • CHEST (Collective enHanced Environment for Social Tasks) The aim of the project is to promote the development of  digital based innovations that have the potential to address key societal challenges. In addition to the creation of an online community platform that will facilitate the sharing and exchanging of ideas, CHEST will invest up to €2.5 Million of seed finance in highly innovative ideas through delivery of three open funding rounds
  • CHIC: An initiative that coordinates high impact for CAPS.
  • Comrades – Collective platform for community resilience and social innovation
    COMRADES is about empowering communities with intelligent socio-technical solutions to help them reconnect, respond to, and recover from crises situations.
  • Crowd4Roads – Crowd sensing and trip sharing for road sustainability
  • D-Cent: A Europe-wide project that provides decentralised citizens engagement technologies.
  • DecarboNet: A Decarbonisation Platform for Citizen Empowerment and Translating Collective Awareness into Behavioural Change.
  • DSI4EU: A platform to build a network of digital social innovation in Europe. Contact via email for more informatio
  • Empatia – Collaborative Platform for the management of Multi-channel Participatory Budgeting processes, adaptable to different social and institutional contexts
    EMPATIA aims at producing the first ICT platform capable of fully encompassing both the decision-making cycle and the implementation cycle of participatory processes whose integration is the main driver of the self-sustainability process.
  • HackAIR – Open platform for air pollution monitoring
    This project aims at creating and testing an open platform that will enable communities of citizens to easily engage their members in generating and publishing information relevant to outdoor air pollution, leveraging the power of citizen science, online social networks, mobile and open hardware technologies, and engagement strategies.
  • IA4SI: The Impact Assessment For Social Innovation project seeks to support and offer opportunities for knowledge exchange and synergies development to CAPs projects
  • Make-IT Maker movement – design globally, manufacture locally
    This project aims at contributing to the future development of maker awareness and culture within the context of larger scale technological change and sustainable socio-economic growth.
  • MakingSense – Engaging citizens in science & change
    Making Sense will show how open source software, open source hardware, digital maker practices and open design can be effectively used by local communities to appropriate their own technological sensing tools, make sense of their environments and address pressing environmental problems in air, water, soil and sound pollution.
  • MAZI  A DIY networking toolkit for location-based collective awareness
    The goal of MAZI is to provide technology and knowledge in order to empower those who are in physical proximity, to shape their hybrid urban space, together, according to the specificities of the respective local environment. It will facilitate interdisciplinary interactions around the design of hybrid space and the role of ICTs in society.
  • netCommons  studying, supporting and promoting community-based networking
    netCommons aspires to study, support and further promote an emerging trend, community based networking and  communication services that can offer a complement, or even a sustainable alternative, to the global Internet’s current dominant model.
  • Nextleap  Next-generation decentralized, secure, privacy-enhanced protocols based on rights
    The primary motivation of NEXTLEAP is to create, validate, and deploy communication and computation protocols that can serve as pillars for a secure, trust-worthy, annotable and privacy-respecting Internet that ensures citizens fundamental rights. For this purpose NEXLEAP will develop an interdisciplinary internet science of decentralisation that provides the basis on which these protocols will be built.
  • Open4Citizens – using open data to design new citizens’ services
    The project will work in the context of the advancement of contemporary cities towards the concept of smart city. The idea of smart city however, has often been referred to a progressive digitalization of services in everyday life, whereas the social aspects of this advancement have often been neglected.
  • Opencare: combines access to modern science and technology of state- and private sector-provided care to community-provided health care.
  • p2pvalue: Impact Assessment Techno-social platform for sustainable models and value generation in commons-based peer production in the Future Internet for social innovation.
  • PIENews: Improving life conditions for precarious workers, people unprotected by safety nets, and young people who are no longer in the education system and experience difficulties in finding a job.
  • POWER  A socio-technical approach to mobilise local water action
    POWER will increase the transnational municipal network effect by facilitating unrestricted communication and community involvement and by creating collective intelligence on ways of addressing urban climate change mitigation and adaptation, targeting water related concerns
  • PROFIT – Promoting Financial Awareness and Stability
    The PROFIT project aims to develop a platform towards promoting the financial awareness and improving the financial capability of citizens and market participants.
  • Saving Food 2.0 –  Tackling food waste through collaboration and online networks
    SavingFood offers a novel approach to tackle food waste, by turning this environmental issue into an innovative solution to fight hunger through the redistribution of surplus food to welfare organisations that support people in need. Moving forward from existing food redistribution channels SavingFood seeks to create a social movement for reducing food waste, by engaging all actors of the food waste cycle to become part of the solution.
  • SciCafe 2.0: is the European Observatory for crowd-sourcing.
  • ShakerMaker: brings together mainstream manufacturers and makers in ecosystem built to enable cross-boundary partnerships for innovation.
  • SOCRATIC – SOcial CReATive Intelligence for achieving Global Sustainability Goals The main objective of SOCRATIC is to facilitate a platform so citizens and/or organisations can collaboratively identify specific innovative solutions for achieving the desired Global Sustainability Goals, as defined by the United Nations.
  • Stars4All: aims to to encourage citizens to care and preserve the darkness of european skies.
  • USEMP: The User Empowerment for Enhanced Online Presence Management project will develop a set of tools allowing users greater control over the personal data they share within the network while also providing them with tools to enable the use of their data by entities outside in the form of licensing agreements.
  • Web-Cosi: Web Communities for Statistics for Social Innovation is a grassroots co-ordination action project aiming to improve the engagement of citizens with statistics of new measures of societal progress and well-being.
  • Wikirate: Crowdsource Better Companies develops and maintains an open social networking system that allows Internet users to cooperatively create and share knowledge on company behaviour.