DELIVERABLES WP1 Management of the project as a whole


  • D1.1 Quality Plan and Self-Assessment Criteria (M3)
  • D1.2 Data Management Plan & Support Pack (M6)
  • D1.3 Periodic Activity Report (M16, 30)
  • D1.4 Project Final Report (M30)

WP2 Dissemination, Outreach and Awareness raising

  • D2.1 Dissemination, awareness raising, and exploitation Plan (M2)
  • D2.2 First Workshop evaluation report (M7)
  • D2.3 Outcomes of the CAPSELLA Workshop on open data from collective intelligence platforms and open social media (13)
  • D2.4 Final workshop evaluation report (28)
  • D2.5 Exploitation and Sustainability Plan (M30)

WP3 Conceptual Framework, Requirements & Scenarios

  • D3.1  Report on critical agro-biodiversity data needed to support agricultural sustainability (M8)
  • D3.2 Cartography of communities and networks (M8)
  • D3.3 Methodology for requirements elicitation (M6)
  • D3.4 Online service for bottom-up requirements elicitation (M10)
  • D3.5 High-level analysis of bottom-up requirements (M12, 18)
  • D3.6 Progress reports on the results of meetings with communities (M10,20,30)

WP 4 Pilots & Applications

  • D4.1 Demonstrator & Piloting Plan (M10)
  • D4.2 Demonstrator Deployment (M17)
  • D4.3 Pilot Trials (M27)
  • D4.4.Integrated Evaluation Report & Recommendations (M29)

WP 5 Platform

  • D5.1 Platform Specification and Design (M6)
  • D5.2 Social Media analysis report (M8)
  • D5.3 Enhanced CIARD RING with CAPSELLA data sets & global map of challenges & ideas for solutions (M12,24,30)
  • D5.4 Data Management Report (M13,25,30)
  • D5.5 Platform and Data Management software (M12,24,30)

WP6 Incubation

  • D6.1 Incubation Design and Implementation Plan (M18)
  • D6.2 Talent and Innovative Ideas Contest (M20)
  • D6.3 Capacity of Execution Contest (22)
  • D6.4 Pre-Incubation Plan and Impact (M26)
  • D6.5 Incubation Plan and Impact (M30)