SOILapp, the new tool to monitor soil health has just been released! SOILapp allows to monitor soil conditions and in particular, to forecast the effect of fertilization practices and other agronomic practices on soil physical, chemical and biological conditions. SOILapp is meant for collecting, visualizing and exchanging observations on soil health using the spade-test method. The spade-test is a widely used, qualitative method for performing the observation of soil conditions. By using the application for recording soil observations, users are able to share their findings, learn from each other and seek further advice to the online community.

This app guides the user through an easy interface to define the soil features for different layers in a soil sample. At the end, summary results highlighting the positive and negative features are given and shared, eventually adding comments and a short description of farm practices.

SOILapp is available for free on Google Play  and on It is connected to web platform, together support farmers across Europe in monitoring soil quality. Both services are released open access for users and open source on GitHub for ICT experts.

The good news is that we know that healthier food systems are possible and they depends very much on the soil conditions where we grow our crops. The SOILapp has been nurtured in, the innovation-lab for agro-biodiversity funded by the EU H2020 Research and Innovation programme with the aim to support a truly participative social digital innovation in the agricultural sector.

SOILapp has been developed by Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, Agroknow and ATHENA RC in close collaboration with two farmers communities: ESAPODA in Italy and AEGILOPS – The Greek Network for Biodiversity and Ecology in Agriculture in Greece. The application is intended primarily for farmers, farmers’ communities (unions, associations, informal networks), advisors, organic and biodynamic certification organisations. SOILapp is also useful for the wide public to get in touch with and learn about the soil. Any hobbyist in his/her garden, any citizen in his/her backyard can learn about soil features using SOILapp. Download it for free now Google Play!