Food Product Social Data Analytics

Challenge Description


There more than 250.000 micro and small food production companies only in Europe and they are employing 3.2 million people (Eurostat 2012). These companies are straggling to discovery information that will help them to address food production problems and to increase their efficiency. A vertical food production unit like the Stevia Hellas Cooperative faces on a daily basis numerous challenges, namely a) which is the opinion for my product and other related products that the target customer segments have, b) to which customer segments should be the focus of my marketing campaign, c) how the competitive products are marketed and which are their strategy, d) how I can be informed for the latest cultivation techniques that can improve the yield and can address problems like e) how the prices of raw stevia and related materials range at a worldwide level? These challenges could be addressed by delivering available information in social and agrifood specialized sources through friendly and easy to use applications.

This challenge will focus on developing tools that will allow the collection, processing and presentation of this information in a meaningful way to the end user. The target users of such applications are the management team, the marketing and sales team, the agronomists and the farmers of a vertical food production unit like Stevia Hellas Coop.


Datasets to be used



The PubMed service

Twitter API

Yelp dataset

Product prices